Akodo Shonagon


“I do not hate the Unicorn. Quite the contrary. What is a warrior without a war to fight?”

Appearance and Personality

Cold as a winter storm, Akodo Shonagon embodies the Lion principles of control and immaculate precision. Priding herself on being above the base emotions of her peers, Shonagon never loses her temper, greatly preferring getting even to getting angry. Choosing clarity of speech over the verbose and overblown, the young Lion is seldom misunderstood, though her bluntness causes many to accuse her of being brutish or rude. She answers such statements in kind, every challenge or insult answered with an exacting and proportional response. Her shoulder-length hair is as black as a moonless night, and her face is impassive, giving away nothing. Borrowing an affectation from her Scorpion mother, Shonagon always wears her blackened steel mempo in public to serve as a reminder of her stated purpose. Few have seen the eyes past her mempo, but it has been said that her pupils are black pits, falling on and on into nothingness. When unarmored, the prideful Lion dresses plainly, matte greys and muted yellows, preferring her words or steel to convey her messages. Though she is not one to acquiesce to petty fads, Shonagon does wear a single black and white ribbon on her saya in the fashion of the Empire’s most flashy iaijutsu aces.


As a sister of Akodo Yoshino’s young bride, Shonagon is close to the Lion leadership, and is considered to be a war hawk, even among her Lion compatriots. Though she strenuously denies being in favor of open warfare during the Decree of Peace, her reputation suggests otherwise. Often deployed to the courts of the Lion’s traditional enemies, her presence signifies how serious the Lion are in seeing their agenda to fruition. Her reputation as someone who gets the job done is eclipsed only by her reputation as a proficient killer with all the traditional weaponry of the samurai; sword, bow, and horse.

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Akodo Shonagon

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