The City of Steel and Thirst


Opening Statement

This document is written by the Emerald Magistrate, Mirumoto Tetsuya, on the twelfth day of the Month of the Goat, 1186 . The following is a record of current events occurring in the Koware Nami Toshi since my installment as Emerald Magistrate, and some beforehand as Yoriki. The purpose of this document is to serve as a synopsis for the Emerald Office’s efforts, and as a collective of information should the unforeseen occur.

On Yasuki Shishinza

I won’t get into the details of Yasuki Shishinza’s death that were covered in Michisune’s report, other than the discrepancies. Tsuruchi Michisune was the first to arrive on the scene, aside from the local peasantry who noticed the incident, followed by Three Teeth, who is the city’s head eta, who performed the dead readings. Michisune spoke with Shiba Katsu, the only local samurai, and deemed he was incompetent. We spoke with him ourselves, and our opinion wasn’t much different. After investigating the scene, and speaking to the locals, we found a few interesting bits. Widow’s Peak, the peasant witness spoken of in Michisune’s report, was reported as a very different person by those that knew him versus how he was described in the report. We are led to believe that the Widow’s Peak that was interviewed by Michisune was a plant by the perpetrator. He was never heard from again after the interview, whereas he was reported to be heading to Kaigan’s Island. From what we heard about Kaba, he shouldn’t have been killed as easy as the report suggested. I have an inclination that there is something we missed, so we will return for a secondary investigation, as soon as possibility allows.
We returned to the island in investigation, and found a few interesting pieces. I took Shinjo Kumiko and Yasuki Zansatsu for the search. We found evidence that the assailants were indeed garbed in Kaisatsukan armor, as we found a piece of a mask with the snake mempo they are know for wearing. We also searched Widow’s Peak’s house, finding someone living there; his mother. The villagers told us that she became hermit after her son’s disappearance, so we set out to look for her. The three of us split up, and it was Zansatsu-san who found her. According to him, her son had found the previous magistrature in combat and aided them. He died, and it was Kaba who faked his own death. She took care of him, and he still lives, occasionally visiting her. Zansatsu left a message for Kaba for them to meet, and hopefully this chance encounter will bear some fruit.

On Hunger and Thirst

Hunger and Thirst are one of the more irritating problems that plagues Broken Wave City. They have wrestled control of local pirates, and continue to raid resources coming to the city. They seem to have a clever tactician, as they baited and defeated an interdiction force belonging to the Third Storm. They perpetrated water theft from the great basin, faking Yoritomo Jerako’s signature convincingly, and later faked being monks to distribute tainted water during a fake Inryosui no Michi. Two of our Shakuhachi players, or informants, told us of a raid from the Fire Beetles, a pirate band utilizing several fire shugenja. We were too late to prevent the attack, but defeated the band, and captured their leader, named Kenseikai, and Aeko-sama executed him. Before his death Kenseikai revealed that he and the Fire Beetles were working for Hunger and Thirst. We later learned of a spy for Hunger and Thirst, through Shinichiro-sama’s investigations, who knows of the drop spots for the organization. We are waiting to act on this option for ideal timing. We gained information on a group of the Reavers of Scarcity at the White Wolf sake house in Wolf’s Folly village. We defeated several agents within, none survived. We found an inconstancy in reports of iron exports between Heavy Iron Island, near where Shishinza was killed, and Wolf’s Folly Village. After a thorough investigation, we discovered that the Tortoise, Kasuga Mito, had falsified documents. He revealed the path that will likely ship the materials, hopefully leading us to Hunger and Thirst’s smithies. We will investigate as soon as possibility allows.

On the Battle of the Black Dawn

On a previous mission, we found information on a group that called themselves the ‘Ghosts of Sanada’, brought to our attention by Susumu Hotako. We staged an attack on one of their posts, slew the members there and gained knowledge of their holding on the Pheonix coast. A man by the name of Jutaki, who was a member of the Ghosts, sold out his partners. Susumu Hotako & Susumu Mogai requested our aid in the battle, and we brought along some other locals; Kuni Daimitsuujianabukatsu, Shiba Moritada along with a contingent of Shiba warriors, and the Ronin Measure and Greenhorn. Throughout the battle the other five Ghosts of Sanada Taisa were revealed and slain; Haka, Zakumo, Masarugi, Severance and Yoritomo Udako. Matsu Ai died in battle with honor, and Utaku Aeko was believed to have died as well, but she returned to Wolf’s Folly village briefly several days later before disappearing just as suddenly. The maho-tsukai Severance summoned an oni, which upon her death turned on Susumu Mogai, and he then revealed himself as Motaru, the Master of Pain and a maho-tsukai, and turned the demon on Shinichiro-sama and convinced the Spider upon their ship to join him. Shinichiro, Tomino, and Greenhorn managed to sink the ship after which Mogai fled the battle, and Kuni Daimitsuujianabukatsu slew the demon. The ronin Greenhorn performed admirably in the battle, and we invited him into the Magistrature.

Taking Measure

There was a small incident involving the ronin Measure. She has apparently been at odds with the Third Storm for some time, and it escalated at one point to her capture by several members, unsanctioned by Yoritomo Jera. We staged a rescue attempt, freeing Measure without loss of life to the Third Storm. Yoritomo Asano was accused of the assault, and was granted Seppuku.

The Oni no Ayatsurishibai

We have discovered the cage of a sealed oni, Oni no Ayatsurishibaii, in our basement. The demon was sealed hundreds of years ago by a powerful shugenja named Isawa Ukaikatsu. It is the same oni that was summoned by Agasha Ryuden when he destroyed the Boar clan in 383. It was sealed in a crystal, by the spell Prison of Earth. It was attuned to the line of a Shiba, whose last descendant died in the Battle of the Dark Wave. The seal is weakening, and he will escape soon. Our current plan is to force it out on a deserted island, with an elite force ready to strike. Once we find a suitable location, we will strike as soon as possibility allows.
We found a favorable location on an unnamed island on the northern exterior of the ring. Taking as many precautions as possible we began to act. We learned that this demon can control others, so we kept our meetings and strategies silent from our peasant, in case any were being controlled. We enlisted the help of several of the cities elite bushi and shugenja; Moshi Hyoko, Kitsune Shinayagami, Yoritomo Yajuu, Isawa Ieyado, Hida Adaichi, the ronin Measure and the monk Monomuke. We sailed to the island on Shiniyagami-san’s boat at his offer, only to have the demon be able to act while still within the crystal. It took control of his heimin, and we got into a fierce skirmish on his boat due to their number. In the end, only a handful remained outside the demon’s control and survived. We also learned afterwards that one of our peasants was under its control. I will emphasize at this point the danger of this demon should he be summoned once again; his control of heimen is swift and subtle and incredibly dangerous. He is also dangerous in a fight, but we were able to slay him due to our preparedness with little damage.

On the Embezzlement at Wolf’s Folly Village

While we were in Wolf’s Folly Village investigating the aforementioned Reavers of Scarcity, we were asked by the governor, Shiba Junsuke, to investigate a case of missing funds. We questioned the ronin Shuryo, a fake monk by the name of Manriki, the wife of the governor, Hasuko, and her uncle, Asako Daihaku. We found Daihaku to be guilty, diverting the funds for work on a fortification in the north. Utaku Aeko defeated his champion in a duel, and he committed Seppuku. We also suspected Daihaku of stealing iron that had gone missing , but a second investigation, with the perceptive eyes of Shinjo Kumiko and Yasuki Zansatsu and the brave efforts of Ikoma Magoichi, resulted in finding the true culprit of the missing iron; Kasuga Mito.

On Susumu Mogai, The Master of Pain

We found information on Susumu Mogai, who had fled the Battle of the Black Dawn after being revealed as a maho-tsukai. We learned that he fled into the Gullet of the Orochi, a large local cave network. We learned that Daimitsuujianabukatsu followed his trail into the cave, and we followed his trail, bringing a few locals as assistance. Moto Zawar, Agasha Ryunobu, Shiba Moritada & Moritomi, and the Ronin Measure came with us. Traversing the path, we came across several Kaomasen no Oni. They are particularly dangerous, as so long as you don’t focus attention on them, they can elude one’s notice. We fought eight in the Coral Gardens before reaching Mogai, and another dozen or so as we faced Susumu Mogai himself. Shinichiro-sama slew Mogai, and Tomino slew Hotako, claiming she attacked him. Moto Zawar died honorably in the effort. During the fight, an Oni was summoned in Daimitsuujianabukatu’s name, and quickly slain thanks mainly to Agasha Ryunobu. Susumu Mogai had been turning peasants into Kaomasen no Oni. We found nearly a hundred peasants captured and corrupted by Jigoku, and put them to the sword. We found Daimitsuujianabukatsu, who had been pained by the corruption of Jigoku. We took him to the Harmony Rising Library afterwards hoping to heal him. He fled, and was then captured by the Spider. Several Kaomasen have escaped into the city. They are very difficult to locate, but we have slain seven since the Master of Pain’s demise. We are trying to find an effective method to locate them, aside from skilled shugenja with certain techniques, we have had few ideas. I would like to state at this point, that Agasha Ryunobu has been incredibly useful to the Magistrature on several matters, proving a very willing and capable shugenja.

On Local Spider

A contingent of Spider arrived recently on the island, roughly a month ago. Aside from their entrance, where they came to our compound, heavily armored, in deference to Yoritomo Tomino, and presented him a sword, they drew little attention to themselves. This action of course prompted suspicion, so we kept an eye on them. They kept low and attended court. We gained information, mainly through Tomino whom they confide in, that they were all in some manner corrupted by Jigoku. They number in at least 12, 4 bushi, led by Susumu Mitsuru and Susumu Tsutaro, 2 monks, 3 shadow men and 3 maho-tsukai. It seems they came to him because he killed Susumu Hotako during our pursuit of Susumu Mogai into the Gullet of the Orochi, and owed some kind of fealty to him. At the same time, we learned that they had captured the local Kuni, Daimitsuujianobukatsu. Shinichiro-sama and Magoichi staged a recon mission to their base, were spotted, killed one of their members, a shadow man, found and killed Daimitsuujianubukatsu, who had been horribly corrupted by Jigoku. They also found remains of three ‘challengers’ to Tomino, a Chuda, a gaijin, and a female lion. They fled, and Tomino disappeared. Tomino reappeared a few days later, spotted by Ryurai at Wind’s home stable, quite injured. He reported memory loss, waking up on Thunder’s Watch Island, where the residents had all been killed by the Spider, and reanimated in some way. We immediately informed Yoritomo Jera, leader of the Third Storm, and headed to the island. Conclusion will be added upon our return.
The island was indeed infested with the creatures of Jigoku. Susumu Mitsuru was the only Samurai who was not at the scene, the rest of his party were slain. The population of the island was slain by the Spider, and reanimated, and slain again by us, some one hundred and fifty. Nearly all of the Spider Samurai showed signs of the taint of Jigoku. Tomino himself showed newer signs of being powerfully under the control of Jigoku, and while I was too injured to assist Shinichiro-sama, he confronted the courtier, and much to my chagrin, Tomino escaped. He is no longer under our control and an open enemy of the Empire. We had Yoritomo Jera deal with the mess, and torch the island afterwards. Yoritomo Azula and Greenhorn were of exceptional usefulness.

On the Burned Man

The Burned Man is a Yakuza boss of some power in Kowari Nami Toshi. He owns the Fire Watchers, and leads several other bosses who lead other groups; Onizuka leading the Drowned Lions, The Kindly Man leading the Squid-eaters, and the Yellow Turbans whose leader is unknown. The two ronin known as the Brothers Yamizaki are his yojimbo, and the Ronin Nobody works for him as a courier. He came to power after Yasuki Shishinza’s death, however we have investigated him thoroughly and concluded that he is not committing crimes at the national level and due to our large number of responsibilities, we are leaving him to the local magistrates.

On Yoritomo Kitao

Yoritomo Kitao, who ‘survived’ the Battle of the Black Dawn, still exists underneath the city, in the Tunnels of Ningyo. She is corrupted by Jigoku, and is some kind of revenant. She apparently has hostile intent for the city, and Yoritomo’s Kama. She is sealed by crystal and Jade, efforts by Pious before his fall. We have found the key, and intend to break in and finish her as soon as possibility allows.

On Utaku Mei and the Lion

Some trouble has arrived in Kowari Nami Toshi regarding Utaku Mei, daughter of the Utaku Daimiyo Yu Pan. With Moto Zawar’s death in the fight against the Master of Pain, Kitsu Koreka, with Matsu Hana, came before us with a Blood Feud in relation to the recent Unicorn-Lion conflict. The two of them went to kill Mei. Ryurai lured Hana into a duel, while Koreka and Mei fought. Ryurai defeated Hana, and Koreka died killing Mei’s horse and taking her eye. Mei and Matsu Hana fought once they had both recovered, and Hana was slain.

The City of Steel and Thirst

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