Dramatis Personae

Bayushi Shinichiro
3F 4C
Scorpion Clan * Samurai * Duelist * Magistrate * Topaz Champion
Ninja Limited: Add Ninja to Shinichiro. Lose 1 Honor.
Battle: Target a Personality with Personal Honor lower than or equal to Shinichiro’s Chi: Bow the Personality. If he is dishonorable, or Shinichiro is a Ninja, his controller loses 2 Honor.
“A soul of promise may take many forms.” – Shinichiro Sensei

Utaku Aeko
5F 2C
Unicorn Clan * Samurai * Cavalry * Magistrate * Battle Maiden * Paragon
Fear Battle: Target a Personality with Personal Honor lower than Aeko’s Personal Honor: Move him home. You may destroy one of his attachments.
“Compassion. Courage. Courtesy. Duty. Honesty. Honor. Sincerity. To you these are just words. To me they are the foundation of a worthwhile life.”

Mirumoto Tetsuya
3F 3C
Dragon Clan * Samurai * Kensai * Duelist
Tetsuya may not perform Political actions.
Iaijutsu Battle: Bow or destroy one of Tetsuya’s weapons: Bow target opposing card without attachments. If Tetsuya has two weapons attached, negate it’s straightening until the resolution of this battle.
“A blade wastes few words.”

Tamori Tokei
2F 4C
Dragon Clan * Earth * Shugenja * Tattooed * Tactician
Tokei has +2F while defending.
Battle/Open: Bow or destroy one of Tokei’s spells: He gives an alchemical potion to an ally. Target a Personality: give him three +1F Fire tokens.
“What’s in the flask?” “Wind, fire, all kinds of things.”

Matsu Ai
3F 2C
Lion Clan * Water * Shugenja * Blessed of Bishamon
Battle: Ai proves her might. Melee 2 Attack with +2 strength if Ai has a weapon or spell attached. If this destroys a card: Give all Ancestors +2F and gain 1 honor.
“It’s not like they teach you. Honor and duty can be made meaningless against brute strength. So I use my strength to keep that from occurring.”

Yoritomo Tomino
2F 2C
Mantis Clan * Courtier * Naval * Bureaucrat * Bully * Gusai
After Tomino enters play you may remove a card in your hand from the game. If you do not: Dishonor Tomino.
Political Battle: Target an honorable personality: Bow him. You may move Tomino home. You may take an additional Battle action.
“They are still more than mere words, Utaku-san, they are targets.”

Yoritomo Ryurai
3F 2C
Mantis Clan * Samurai * Naval * Kensai * Hero
Limited: Ryurai drills his men. Bow Ryurai or one of his weapons. Give all Followers in Ryurai’s Unit one +1 Force token. This ability may be used multiple times per turn.
“I am ashamed to call the Third Storm my brothers. I will show them the correct path.”

Doji Reisu
3F 3C
Crane Clan * Samurai * Expendable
(Draw a card when your Expendable card is destroyed.)
All actions performed by Reisu are considered to be Tireless (Tireless actions can be taken even while bowed).
Followers and Items will not be attached to Reisu.
“I serve at your discretion, now, tomorrow, until the day I die. I will never rest.”

Daidoji Jin
3F 5C
Crane Clan * Samurai * Yojimbo * Duelist
Battle: Bow Jin and prevent his straightening: Target Samurai, Courtier, or Shugenja Personality gains +3F, +3C, Conqueror, and will not bow or be sent home during this Battle. If the Target Personality is destroyed during the battle or at its resolution, Dishonor Jin.
“Our fates are bound, but like bound bamboo, we are stronger for it.”

Yasuki Zansatsu
0F 4C
Crab Clan * Courtier * Merchant * Soul of Yasuki Shishinza
Invest 4G: Zansatsu enters play with 2 Gold tokens.
If Zansatsu has at least 1 Gold Token, any holding with Gold in its name produces an addition Gold when bowed.
Merchant Reaction: Whenever your Holding bows to produce gold and you do not use all of it, Zansatsu gains 1 Gold Token.
Merchant Reaction: Whenever your Holding bows and does not produce Gold, Remove a Gold token from Zansatsu and straighten it.
“He who controls the gold makes the rules.”

Shinjo Kumiko
3F 3C
Unicorn Clan * Samurai * Cavalry * Battle Maiden * Gossip
Invest, 3: After Kumiko enters play, before you refill your Province, you may search your Dynasty Deck for Shinjo Ren, and refill the Province with him face up.
Political Reaction, Bow: After a player losses or gains Honor, you may increase that gain or loss by 2.
“Love is the open plains and the wind through your hair, an attentive ear to hear your every secret…”’

Ikoma Magoichi
4F 2C
Lion Clan * Samurai * Scout * Paragon * Reserve
(You may Recruit a Reserve Personality, if they would be opposed, as an Absent Battle action.)
Absent Interrupt: After you Recruit Magoichi, Ranged 5 Attack. If this attack destroys a Personality, Magoichi stares down his foes, Fear 3.
“I have a particular set of skills, Bayushi-sama, that I believe could serve you well… if you should you allow me to opportunity to utilize them.”

Dramatis Personae Experienced

Utaku Aeko
8F 2C
Unicorn Clan * Samurai * Cavalry * Shadowlands * Experienced * Unique
Lose 4 Honor.
Aeko can not be targeted by Fear actions.
Whenever Utaku Aeko is destroyed by an opponent’s action or by Battle Resolution while she has at least 1F: return her to play with a -1F Token.
“I’ll have your head, one way or the other.”

Bayushi Shinichiro
4F 4C
Scorpion Clan * Samurai * Duelist * Magistrate * Ninja * Topaz Champion * Experienced * Unique
While Shinichiro is a Ninja, he has Resilient (Once per game per card, a Resilient card does not die in battle resolution).
Political Limited: Shinichiro loses the Ninja keyword. Dishonor target Personality.
Ninja Battle: If Shinichiro is a Ninja, destroy target dishonorable Personality. Its controller loses 1 Honor.
“I see my enemies destroyed, one way or the other.”

Mirumoto Tetsuya
5F 4C
Dragon Clan * Samurai * Kensai * Duelist * Magistrate * Elite * Ascetic * Experienced * Unique
(Elite cards contribute Force even if bowed.)
Open: Destroy a Holding you control. Reduce the force of an opposing Personality by its GC.
Iaijutsu Battle: Tetsuya challenges target Personality with Personal Honor lower than his Chi. The duel’s winner gains Honor equal to their Personal Honor. Bow the duel’s loser.
His hands trembled as the child died. He washed his hands, and emerged a greater man.

Yoritomo Ryurai
4F 4C
Mantis Clan * Samurai * Naval * Kensai * Hero * Experienced * Unique
Heroic Battle: Ryurai is a whirl of blades. Melee 4 Attack. Melee 3 Attack. Melee 2 Attack. Melee 1 Attack.
There was the sound of clashing steel on steel, and a single short shout. Ryurai emerged, a silhouette against the sundown, the defeated Matsu Hana, still barely clinging to life, in his arms. Kitsu Koreka spat, and readied his steel, undeterred.

Yoritomo Tomino
3F 3C
Mantis Clan * Courtier * Bully * Gusai * Shadowlands * Obsidian Champion * Experienced * Unique
Lose 2 Honor.
Political Reaction: After a Political Action targets one of your honorable Personalities, Tomino becomes the target instead.
Battle: Destroy target bowed Personality who is dishonorable, Spider Clan, Ninja, or Shadowlands. Lose 1 Honor.
“Why did I kill her? Because she betrayed us. Because… it was the first thing I’ve done in a long time I’ve felt good about.”

Session Cards

Torokai’s Lessons
Event – Unique
After you reveal cards in your Provinces at the start of your turn, if this Event is face-up in one of them, give up to five Personalities Magistrate. Until the end of your next turn, Magistrate’s you control have Elite and Stalwart (Elite cards contribute Force even if bowed. Stalwart cards negate their first bowing each turn by other players’ cards).
“Kitsuki Morikaneko was a talented woman, to teach a Lion her Dragon’s Eyes. Now I will teach you as she taught me. Right after this bowl of noodles…” – Akodo Torokai

Drain the Soul
5GC – Spell
Maho, Experienced
Maho Open: Bow this Shugenja; Bow Target Personality with less Chi. Give the Target a number of -1 Chi tokens equal to the difference between that Personality’s Chi and the Performing Shugenja’s Chi. Give this Shugenja a number of +1 Chi tokens equal to the same amount.
“What strength was yours Tamori, now is mine!”

Well Laid Plans
0GC – Strategy
Tactical Limited: Bow your Performing Tactician; Give up to three target Personalities +2 Force. This Force increase will not be negated.
Battle: Bow your Samurai Personality; Bow Target Enemy Personality. If your Performing Samurai is a Tactician; Negate the Target’s straightening until the Resolution of the Current Battle.
Like so many streams, well laid plans flow together, ever moving both momentously and inexorably towards an ocean of victory and of glory.
3 FV

By Sea At Dawn
0GC – Strategy
Limited: Give Target Samurai Personality Naval. If the Targeted Personality is a Tactician, you may give two other Samurai personalities Naval as well.
Tactical Battle: Move your Tactician Personality to the Current Battlefield.
“Suffer not a single Serpent to survive the coming storm.” – Susumu Hotako

Untimely Betrayal
0GC – Strategy
Battle: Target an enemy Personality without attachments or Loyal and pay Gold equal to it’s Gold Cost plus its Personal Honor; Give the Personality +2 Force and gain Control of it. Lose 5 Honor.
“Kill the Emerald Magistrate and his yoriki. Leave no one alive who has seen my art.” – Susumu Mogai

Tomb of Jade
5 GC – Spell
Jade, Earth, Experienced
Battle: Bow this Shugenja and destroy this spell; Destroy Target Shadowlands Personality. If this Shugenja is Earth you may return Tomb of Jade to your hand after the resolution of this Battle.
“Drown the impure in Purity.” – Kuni Daimitsuujianobukatsu
3 FV

Kaomasen no Oni
4F 2C
Shadowlands * Nonhuman * Oni * Maho * Ninja
Lose 3 Honor.
Kaomasen no Oni can not be the Target of an opponent’s action until it has performed an Action.
Battle: Kaomasen no Oni reveals itself amid the enemies ranks. Melee 4 attack.
“Have you ever thought you saw a monster in your peripheral vision, but when you turned to see, it was a normal man? I can assure you it was no normal man, Magistrate-sama.”

Make Them Submit, Make Them Break
5GC – Strategy
Maho Battle: Bow your performing Maho Personality. Target an enemy Human Personality without followers: create a Personality named Oni no (Target’s name) with the Force, Chi, abilities and Keywords (except for Clan Alignments and Loyal) of the Target Personality at the current battlefield under your control. That Personality gains Shadowlands, Nonhuman, and Oni. The targeted Personality gains Oni Marked. If that Oni Marked Personality is ever destroyed, give your Oni Personality three 1F/1C tokens.
The Master of Pain has an extraordinary talent for twisting a man’s mind into wanting that which is worst for him.

An Unexpected Offer
0GC – Strategy
As a Focus Effect, you may choose to lose this duel to negate its consequences for losing. The winner of this duel draws a card.
Limited: Give Reserve to a target enemy Personality in a Province. If that Personality is recruited, gain 2 Honor, draw two cards, and give your target Samurai Personality +2 Force.
“Kill me Tomino-san!” “Do I have to refuse this gift two times?”

An Unconventional Response
0GC – Strategy
As a Focus Effect, you may discard a card from you hand to create a Weapon Item with a Force Modifier equal to the discarded card’s Focus Value and attach it to your focusing Personality. Change your duelist’s duel stat to Force.
Iaijutsu Battle: Discard a card. Straighten your bowed Magistrate or Duelist Personality and give him a Force bonus equal to the discarded card’s Focus Value. You may take an additional Battle Action which must be performed by this same Personality.
There is a fine line between brilliant and foolish.

Mukizo, Blade of the Obsidian Champion
+2F +0C
GC 8
One-Handed * Sword * Weapon * Unique
Lose 2 Honor. Attaches to the Obsidian Champion without paying costs.
If this Personality has Shadowlands, he has Conqueror and Elite (A Conqueror’s unit doesn’t bow after battle, Elite cards contribute Force even if bowed).
Battle, Bow: Fear with a value equal to this Personality’s Force (Bow a target enemy Follower, or Personality without Followers, with a lower Force than the Fear’s value).
“You keep what you kill. That is your first lesson.” – Susumu Mitsuru

Yoriki’s Jitte
+1F +1C
GC 3
One-Handed * Knife * Weapon
Will not attach to Non-human Personalities. This Personality has Magistrate.
Battle, Bow: Bow target Personality with Personal Honor lower than this Personality’s Chi.
The weapon itself is far less deadly than the authority implied by it.

Flight from the Inevitable
0GC – Strategy
Absent Battle: Move your honorably dead Samurai or Shugenja Personality to the current battle, and dishonor him. Lose 5 Honor. You may take an additional battle action performed by this Personality. At the resolution of this battle, remove this Personality from the game.
The Kuni fled into the Coral Barrens, away from his inevitable seppukku, none sure if he planned to steal a single night, or the rest of whatever remained of his life.

6GC – Holding
Bow: Produce 4 Gold.
Political Reaction, Bow: Before discarding the Imperial Favor, this fulfills the condition of doing so instead.
Built of the strongest timbers from the Kitsune Mori, with detailed engravings of coral and mother-of-pearl, and filled with priceless art of all disciplines, Shinayagami’s kobune is less a ship, and more a floating palace.

Asahina Meiryo
0F 2C
Crane Clan * Air * Shugenja * Pacifist
Absent Battle: Target an enemy Samurai, Courtier, or Shugenja Personality with Personal Honor lower than or equal to Meiryo’s Chi; send them home.
“Fearing my cousin had strayed too far from our way, I went to him, not to warn him, but to make an appeal to his honor. I gave him a maple seed, the highest lesson in Asahina humility‚Ķ” – The Writings of Pious, Third Scroll

2F 5C
Ronin * Air * Shugenja * Magistrate * Resilient * Experienced Asahina Meiryo * Unique
(Once per game per card, a Resilient card does not die in battle resolution)
Air Open: Target another Personality or Follower, give them a Force penalty equal to Pious’ Chi.
Battle: Bow target dishonorable Personality.
“I wonder sometimes at how tall that oak has grown, now so many years on, or whether it withered and died just as the honor and dreams of the man who planted it. Or those of the man who urged him to.” – The Writings of Pious, Seventh Scroll

The Burned Man
3F 6C
Ronin * Air * Shugenja * Yakuza * Hero * Villain * Resilient * Experienced 2 Asahina Meiryo * Unique
(Once per game per card, a Resilient card does not die in battle resolution)
Air Battle: Fear equal to The Burned Man’s Chi. This may target a Personality with Followers if he has 0 Personal Honor.
Villainous Battle: The Burned Man takes his vengeance; Destroy target Personalty. Lose Honor equal to that Personality’s Personal Honor.
“You think you have nothing left. You think you have lost everything. Well, know this; you don’t know how much left you have to lose until it is lost.”

Decisive Finish
0GC -Strategy
Iaijutsu Limited: Your target unbowed Samurai or Duelist challenges a target enemy Personality. Both winner and loser gains 2 Honor. Destroy the duel’s loser.
“How it began does not matter, only how it ends. Our skill and determination alone decide.”

They Can Bleed
0GC – Strategy * Unique
Battle: Bow your opposed Samurai Personality; Ranged 6 Attack. If this attack destroys a Shadowlands or Ninja Personality, give your target Personality +3 Force.
The translucent shadowman recoiled, hissing in pain. Magoichi knew if it could bleed, he could finish it.

Step through Shadows
0GC – Strategy
Absent Battle: Move your target Shadowlands Personality to the current Battlefield. Melee 3 Attack. You may take an additional Battle Action.
You ask why I fear the darkness without understanding it is not the darkness I fear, but what creeps from it…

Tactless Reminder
0GC – Strategy
Reaction: After a Samurai or Courtier performs an action, Bow your target Personality to negate the effects of that action. Lose 3 Honor.
“How have you faired since your late uncle’s untimely passing?”
2 FV

A Thin Layer of Subterfuge, A Thick Layer of Koku
0GC – Strategy * Unique
Merchant Open: Target a Dishonorable Personality, Bow that Personality to create Gold equal to its printed Honor. Your target Merchant Personality gains half that many (rounded up) +1F Gold Tokens. Lose 2 Honor.
“The Golden Rule… he who has the gold makes the rules.”
1 FV

Umbral Offering
Event – Unique
After you reveal this card from one of your Provinces you may target a Dead or Dishonorable Personality and Lose Honor equal to their Gold Cost. Put that Personality into play under your control. That Personality gains the Ninja Keyword.
“It can’t be that easy…” “Oh, but it is.”

Final Act of Retribution
0GC – Strategy * Unique
Reaction: When an opposing Personality performs an action which destroys one of your Samurai Personalities, destroy that Personality.
“I refuse to die by the hand’s of a lowly Crane!” – Last Words of Susumu Taku
1 FV


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